Correia, Shellie. Real People are Suffering

Dr. Steve Hambleton, Australian Medical Association President

I am writing this letter to express my sincere disappointment, in the position that the Australian Medical Association has taken, in regard to Industrial Wind Turbines, and Health. There is NO evidence to prove that these machines are not harming people. As a matter of fact, all unbiased studies that have taken place, (not funded by wind proponents), did indeed show harm.

It is unconscionable for the AMA to tout the wind industry propaganda, when real people are suffering, as we speak. This is happening world-wide. The damage is real, and it is not just a “nocebo” effect. That is merely the wind industry buzzword for “we don’t want to take responsibility.”

People, who had no idea that the turbines would bother them at all, have been shocked at the effect that they’ve had on their health and well-being. I personally am in contact with several people who are suffering, and it is not a case of “hysteria”. It is experienced as a dose response. The more exposure, the worse the symptoms. The symptoms abate, when enough distance is put between the wind turbines, and the people. When the noise increases, sleeplessness occurs. It is not rocket science. Even the most basic medical background would allow you to see the evidence. That is precisely why wind proponents are loathe to study real people. It is much easier to use “computer modelling”, and peer-reviewed articles. These things can be manipulated to say what the wind industry want them to say.

You have an obligation to support the victims of this travesty, not enable the wind industry to continue to harm.

I am the mother of a 13 year old child, with extreme sensory issues, mainly aural. He has a letter from his paediatric specialist, Dr. Chrystella Calvert, saying that industrial wind turbine noise would be very harmful to my son. This is due to it’s cyclical nature, and it’s inability to be controlled in any real manner. The wind industry refuses to respond to this issue, and I am forced to fight the government to protect my son. This is not right. No parent, whether their child has special needs, or not, should be put in this position. We demand real testing, in real homes, with real people. No more nonsense. Step up, and do the right thing, for the people all over the world, dealing with this serious issue!

I have included Dr. Calvert’s letter, for you to read. Please respond,


Shellie Correia
Wellandport, Ontario
March 29, 2014

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