Danish Government to Treat Danes as Guinea Pigs – EPAW, NAPAW Press Release

European Platform Against Windfarms and the North-American Platform Against Windpower Media Release, December 19, 2011

The European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) and the North-American Platform Against Windpower (NA-PAW) – representing a total of nearly 600 associations from 26 countries – are pointing at evidence showing that VESTAS, the world’s leading wind-turbine manufacturer, applied pressure on the Danish government in a bid to establish noise regulations favourable to its business. They are also criticising the Danish authorities for “kowtowing to the interests of the Denmark-based multinational company, as the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA) subsequently manipulated noise regulations so that wind turbines in Denmark may continue to be installed dangerously close to habitations.”

In his letter of 29 June 2011 addressed to Karen Ellemann, then Minister for the Environment, and copied to Lykke Friis, then Minister for Climate and Energy, the Chief Executive of Vestas, Ditlev Engel, complained that the draft of the revised noise regulations applicable to wind turbines would hurt the interests of the industry:

“…low frequency noise (regulations) will … increase the distance requirements to neighbours for close to half of the projects… In a small country such as Denmark this means that a significant number of projects will not be viable as the increased distance requirements cannot be met whilst maintaining a satisfactory business outcome for the investor.” (1)

Of particular interest are the following words, which could imply that the Danish people are to be treated as guinea pigs for the greater good of the wind industry: “Denmark has a role as a forerunner country and a full scale laboratory for conversion to renewable energy.”

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