Darmstadt Manifesto, 1st September, 1998

The Darmstadt Manifesto was presented to German politicans, media and the public at the Bonn Press Club on 1st September, 1998. It was signed by concerned German citizens. Below is an extract from the English translation.

“The negative effects of wind energy use are as much underestimated as its contribution to the statistics is overestimated. Failing property values reflect the perceived deterioration in quality of lie – not just in areas close to the turbines, but even all over Schleswig-Holstein. More and more people describe their lives as unbearable when they are directly exposed to the acoustic and optical effects of wind farms. There are reports of people being signed off sick and unfit for work, there is a growing number of complaints about symptoms such as pulse irregularities and states of anxiety, which are known from the effects of infrasound (sound of frequencies below the normal audible limit).”

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