Dean, N. Doctors’ Advice to “Stay Away from Turbines”

To the President of the AMA.

Dear Mr President .

I have attached Medical info for you to view, this is information relevant to myself, My Wife and Son are affected to a lesser extent but they can not live or work on our remaining property that I can not even get close too because of adverse health affects that only happen when I get closer than about 7 kms to the operating turbines, I have attached doctors medical report and other information to prove to you that the comments AMA have made is highly insulting to those that are Medical trained who have treated me and referred me to other specialists in their field in the treatment of people suffering the symptoms that I have presented to my doctor with .

This group of medically trained people have helped me to slowly recover from the affects suffered from low frequency sound from the turbines , I say from the sound of the turbines because it is different than any other, as identified in the Dean Report of more than three and a half years ago , because of the amplitude modulation of sound at rate in the infrasound range ,the advise received that helped was first and foremost stay well away from the cause of symptoms, which I have completely done for about 2 years now after selling our midsized farming operation , completely relocating to another farming area ,apart from the small farmlet including a house left that nobody has lived in for nearly 5 years, awaiting shutdown periods so as it can be prepared for sale by my son.

These Doctors advised the staying away because of too much electricity in my body , use aeroplane plugs to stop air pressure pain inside head , this helped a small amount but not closer than 2 km, a series of B12 injections did not help , dry needling helped very quickly but because I needed to go near the turbines from time to time the treatment needed to be repeated until I stayed away from the turbines completely about 2 years ago, this treatment was recommended because of muscle spasms around the head and the back of the neck , I was also advised to the decompression chamber which I am now doing to avoid the use of Ventolin because of lack of oxygen in my blood, the chamber helps me breath easier without the throbbing sensation in the chest .

I still have trouble sleeping because of the on going anxiety caused by lies and deception by those at Acciona and in governmental departments because they are either stupid or very devious to make the Waubra Wind Farm appear to be compliant without complying to planning permit or doing any testing to prove compliance.

It appears to me that the AMA trusts the people with money and the power, there are false assumptions being made by the AMA for instance the planning departments lack the ability to read as in understand what is written, this is major problem ,for instance the sound that I experience does not get measured, windfarm sound does not get measured the same way as other environmental sound,the Victorian EPA uses LAeq and assesses short periods of sound by referring to LAmax, this is the sound that can be heard by the human ear to assess the loudness of sound, it is basically a logarithm average and then LAmax is used for short periods to assess sound objectively in likes of tonality and amplitude modulation in the high frequency range, LOW FREQUENCY SOUND IS NOT ASSESSED.

Wind turbine sound is by assessment of background using LA95 or LA90 only { the prediction is done using LAeq , the sound coming from the turbines preconstruction Via information from the turbine maker is done using LAeq ,but the assessment of sound referenced as being experienced is done using best fit graphs is LA95 or LA90 }.

For instance LA95 means that the sound level postconstruction is equal to or exceeds the sound power level requirement for wind farms for 95% of the time , this leaves the pathway for people to experience well in excess of 10 db more sound pressure than if using LAeq assessment method ,and we are suffering the pain because of this.

This is because of the extreme pulsing of the sound pressure of amplitude modulation of sound coming from rotating turbine blades, therefore the claim that sound coming from windfarm turbines is not different than that of other environmental sounds is completely false.

The sonagrams in The Dean Report of three and a half years ago clearly demonstrate this amplitude modulation of about 20 db between the highs in yellow and the lows black is evident at the Waubra Windfarm.

The other area of concerns is that the sound does not get measured at the area where the problem occurs , the measurement outside of house occurs at about 3 to 10 mts from house or reflective surfaces, the problem is resonation from surfaces in a large range of frequencies of sound waves in the infrasound range, {in the days before windfams this was done by placing a large sheet of a set gauge of metal material against a wall and assessed the vibration} I ask how many people enter a home from 3 to 5 meters away without going within 3 to 5 meters of the house .

The measurements inside of a house is done about 1.5 meters from the wall and about 1.2 metres from the floor , I ash how many people sleep 1.5 mts from a walls and 1.2 mts from the floor how many people eat there meals 1.5 meters from the walls ,the only rooms inside of our home at waubra that could be measured this way have a table or a bed in the middle, I have done measurements in the passage way revealing excessive pulsing across a range of about 25 to 30 db between highs and lows this is extremely excessive but the rules do not allow it to be assessed.

I believe this problem is because it is the Acoustic personal that do the assessing of compliance at windfarms have a major part to play in the planning guidelines because they are the so called experienced experts in assessing windfarm sound, and herein is the root of the problem that Blind Freddy can see but the people in the AMA can not.

To support my claim of ignorance by the AMA I have attached two works by Norm Broner who is on the NHMRC panel, in relation to the effects of LFN and the measurement methods required using C weighting [which need more work ,I believe the Peaks and troughs in the full sound spectrum in real time is required in relation to health effects experienced]. I am sure if members of your family was affected like mine you would agree.

Please find attached information.

Noel Dean

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