Hanning, Evidence for Proposed Straboy Wind Farm

Dr Christopher Hanning, specialist in sleep medicine and sleep disorders; evidence for proposed Straboy Wind Farm, Ireland, October 2012

Dr Hanning’s report covers … “the basic physiology of sleep. Noise can disturb sleep by causing awakenings, which are remembered and arousals, which are not recalled but are more likely. Both disrupt sleep making it unrefreshing. Research on the effects of wind turbine noise has concentrated on remembered awakenings and has thus underestimated the effects.

Inadequate or poor quality sleep has many health consequences apart from daytime sleepiness and fatigue. These include obesity, poor memory, increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly may be at greater risk.”

Further … “research on wind turbine noise, sleep disturbance and health (supports) the assertion that the proposed Straboy turbines are too close to human habitation for the health and well being of the occupants.”

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Dr Hanning’s supplementary evidence discusses the effects of noise on children with autistic spectrum disorder. “Noise sensitivity is a particular problem for those with ASD. This does not seem to be due to any physical changes in hearing but due to an increased perception of loudness, a psychoemotional-behavioural difference: a fear of sound stimuli, accompanied by hyper-reactive avoidance behaviours. Avoidance behaviours include covering the ears, crying, tantrums, fleeing the area, humming or vocalising, trembling, increased muscle tone, hyperventilation (over breathing) and self injury in the form of blows to the ears. Go to the link below for Dr Hanning’s supplementary evidence.

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