Dr Sandy Reider Testimony, Calls for Moratorium on Wind Farms

Dr Reider’s Testimony to the Vermont State Legislature, calls for a moritorium on wind projects until further understanding of the health effects on humans is understood – January 31 2013

My name is (Dr) Sandy Reider …… since graduation from Harvard Medical School in 1971 I have practiced more or less continuously in Vermont (USA) in various capacities, most recently for the past 17 years in a primary care setting in Lyndonville.

In the brief time I have (to speak), I’d simply like to share some of my clinical observations and impressions regarding the health impacts related to living near these turbines and leave a review of the available science to others (parenthetically, I am delighted you will be hearing from Stephen Ambrose because it was his on-site Falmouth, Massachussets study that I selected to pass on to Commissioner Chen when he came to speak in Newark this past summer).

At this point I have seen 6 persons in my office with symptoms that seem to stem from these turbines, but for the sake of clarity and brevity, I will describe just one case in detail … keeping in mind that the symptoms described by all those I have seen are quite similar and characteristic of what has become known, somewhat euphemistically, as Wind Turbine Syndrome.

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