Enbom, E & I. Infrasound From Wind Turbines: An Overlooked Health Hazard

Hakan Enbom, MD, PhD, Inga Malcus Enbom, Ear Nose Throat specialists, write about the health hazard of infrasound, Lakartidningen (Swedish Medical Journal) vol. 110 (2013, pp 1388-89

Infrasound from wind turbines affects the inner ear and is a potential health risk for people with migraine or other type of central nervous system. The authors maintain that the legal framework for the creation of new wind turbines should be revised, taking into account this fact.

Previous scientific studies on wind turbines and infrasound have been contradictory. They have therefore not been sufficiently credible when planning a framework for the establishment of wind turbines. In recent years, however, a new insight has emerged on the central nervous system, providing a better understanding of migraine, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes [1, 2] and some cases of tinnitus and dizziness. This understanding is also important for understanding how infrasound from wind turbines can affect health. Several studies have found that living near wind turbines often create severe sleep disturbance and depression. They have also found an increased incidence of dizziness, tinnitus, hyperacusis, headache, increased activation of the autonomic nervous system, etc. [3, 4].

In addition to the audible sound, which can provide noise damage and be generally disruptive, mentally, spinning wind turbines also produce a vibrant infrasound that affects the inner ear and the central nervous system without damaging the hearing.

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