Fairhaven Official Apologises for Turbine ‘Suffering’

Ariel Wittenberg, South Coast Today
April 10, 2013

FAIRHAVEN — In a move that brought some in the audience to tears, Selectmen Chairman Charlie Murphy Tuesday night apologized to residents and called for a meeting of selectmen and the health board to discuss shutting down the town’s two wind turbines at night.

Murphy said he hopes to provide some relief for the 57 families who have filed complaints about the turbines at the wastewater treatment plant on Arsene Street, including the noise they generate.

“I am sorry for all of your suffering and what you have been through,” he said. “I realize that many of you tried to speak out and were denied a place on our agenda, and I thank you for your persistence.”

Said Murphy, “I feel everyone in town should get a good night’s sleep.”

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