Federal Senate Excessive Noise Inquiry – Communication with Dr Ian Holland

From: Dr Sarah Laurie
Date: November 27, 2012 1:12:36 PM GMT+10:30
To: Ian Holland

Subject: Excessive Noise Inquiry

Dear Dr Holland,

I was alerted to the response to adverse comment by Professor Leventhall to the Senate inquiry on the weekend, and have responded in detail below, after seeking advice from Professor Leventhall’s peers internationally who I work with, in particular Dr Malcolm Swinbanks and Mr Rick James, in addition to Mr Steven Cooper from Australia.

As my response raises some extremely serious issues relating to Professor Leventhall’s responses to this senate inquiry, and previous work in this area of wind turbine noise and adverse health effects, specifically in his role as a peer reviewer of the NHMRC’s 2010 Rapid Review I ask that these be included for urgent consideration by the senators. I have not resent the 2003 Leventhall DEFRA document as I have previously sent it.

I am sorry for the late provision of this material and hope it is of constructive use to the senators on the committee.

Kind Regards

Dr Sarah Laurie

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