First International Symposium – Society for Wind Vigilance

Proceedings of the First International Symposium – The Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects
Society for Wind Vigilance, Canada

October, 2010

Globally, many individuals living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines report experiencing adverse health effects. In some cases families have felt compelled to abandon their homes to protect their health.

Pleas for recognition of their situation remain largely ignored by authorities and the public at large.

“I can’t believe the government is doing this to me”…”interference with the normal political processes”…”our rights as citizens…have been eroded” illustrate the feelings of hopeless by those impacted by industrial wind turbines.

Comments such as these formed the inspiration for an international symposium to explore the theme: THE GLOBAL WIND INDUSTRY AND ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS: Loss of Social Justice?

The symposium explored topics related to industrial wind turbine noise and the risk to health, the urgent need for research, and the loss of social justice. Legal, economic and social impacts were also explored.

Research from clinicians and presentations by experts in acoustics, physics, epidemiology, law, environmental economics and policy analysis were given. The role of advocacy journalism was also presented.

Each presentation formed a logical building block for the next, culminating in a description of the impacts to the loss of social justice.

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