Foundations for the Future, 2013 National General Assembly of Local Governments in Australia

Extract from Resolutions from the 2013 National General Assembly of Local Governments in Australia, 16-19 June, 2013

The conference of Australian Local Government in Canberra in June 2013 voted on a resolution to urgently implement the first Australian Federal Senate Inquiry’s recommendations, which were for research as a priority to investigate the effects of wind turbine noise on neighbours. The proposer, Goyder Council, has direct knowledge of the adverse consequences of wind energy developments sited too close to homes from the experiences of neighbours to the Hallet and Waterloo Wind Developments. The wording of the resolution is reproduced below:

Resolution Number: 37

Council Proposing the Resolution: Regional Council of Goyder, SA

“That National General Assembly call for the urgent implementation of the recommendations from the Senate Committee Inquiry into the Impact of Rural Wind Farms and finalise national standards to guide a more consistent and considered approach to the planning, regulation and management of the wind industry development across all jurisdictions.The motion was carried

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