Funfar, Barry. To ACNC in Support of Waubra Foundation

It is people like her [Sarah Laurie] who give me hope for the future and who drive my motivation to keep our governments in line with proper decision making.

Dear Ms. Pascoe,

I find it preposerous that ANYONE at this stage of investigation into the adverse health affects of industrial wind turbines can argue that there are is no negative human response.

I myself have lived and experienced first hand a multitude of adverse affects from the Famouth municipal wind turbines in Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA. The first turbine there began operating 1600 feet from the back of my home in March of 2010. The general annoyance from the sound began immediately though I expected it would alieviate with time. The opposite was in fact the case with the annoyance and bother ever increasing with the passage of time living too near the machine.

The annoyance built into ever increasing stress and anxiety resulting in panic attacks, high blood pressure, palpitations-very rapid heartbeat, depression, the the need to vacate my property when the turbines are operating.

An injuction we and neighbors instituted resulted in the Town being required to NOT OPERATE the )now two) turbines from 7PM to 7AM EVERYDAY, every Sunday, and three specific holidays. This was ordered by the judge in the case. Furthermore, two seperate Zoning Board Appeal cases, one by another neighbor and the second by my wife and I have resulted in rulings that the Town´s wind turbines are in fact creating NUISANCE CONDITIONS at our properties. There are now several nuisance court cases served against our Town over their turbines.

The loss of quality of life and health resulting from thse machines is enormous. There is also a proven loss in value of our properties. Add to all this the cost of our court proceedings and the overall stress generated by these Town owned turbines is significant. Of course our Town, our Town´s insurance company, the Big Wind Industry, and the presently overly green government of both the State of Massachusetts and the USA are fighting our court cases with all their might and power to avoid a precedent being set.

Over the past near five years I have avoided my home over 800 days because of the Falmouth wind turbines. At least one neighbor has totally abandoned their home and six acres of property at a tremendous financial loss. I vow to carry this case to the Supreme Court is necessary.

When errantly sited too close to populations these machines are simply STRESS GENERATORS. Spend some time studying stress and its impact on the human body both physically and psychologically and you will realize the direct correlation to many of the medical impacts brought upon us by industrial wind turbines. Professor Robert Sapolsky has a series of lectures on stress that are most important to understanding that stress is a killer or at minimum a cause for shortening human life.

Forced out of my home in Falmouth I am presently here in the Dominican Republic to find a “safe zone”.

Sarah Laurie has dedicated many many years of her life to improve the lot of humanity. It is people like her who give me hope for the future and who drive my motivation to keep our governments in line with proper decision making. This to help myself, my family, my children, my grandchildren, and all of humanity find a life worth living.

Thank you if you read this entire letter.


Barry Funfar
Falmouth, Massachusetts
Feb 09, 2015

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