Gabb, A. To ACNC in Support of Waubra Foundation

The Waubra Foundations research and library of information is now recognised by many professionals worldwide in the acoustic and medical profession as the most pre eminent source of scientifically based information available.

Dear Commissioner,

I write in support of The Waubra Foundation to be continued to be recognised as a Foundation worthy of tax deductable status.

I specifically write with reference to the quality of the work which the foundation has always pursued and the rigour as to how it has always presented fact with its findings.

The Waubra Foundation was formed by a group of Australian citizens who recognised that no level of government within this country was listening to the cries for help from members of rural communities, who had been displaced from their homes because of the invasion of large industrial wind turbines, and the subsequent ill health they suffered once these turbines came into operation. The Waubra Foundations research and library of information is now recognised by many professionals worldwide in the acoustic and medical profession as the most pre eminent source of scientifically based information available.

The Waubra Foundation has been led by a very professional and highly regarded board who have worked tirelessly to pursue the factual findings as to why some people become so ill from living too close to industrial wind turbines. The board has only ever sought and published professionally documented and researched evidence in its pursuit of excellence. Much of this research is local in content and much is evidence dating back to the 1980’s from other scientifically based evidence from around the world. What the Waubra Foundation is presenting is not just the fact that some Australian citizens become ill from industrial wind turbines, but that the same symptoms which are reported here are the same as citizens in many other countries report.

If one is to take the time to read the work of such eminent people as Dr. Nina Pierpont ( MD, PhD, FAAP, Hons Yale.) Dr Bob Thorne (PhD, Psycho Acoustician), Dr David Iser (Medical Practitioner), Mr. Neil Kelley ( Principal Scientist, Atmospheric Physics, National Renewable Energy Laboratory U.S.A.), Mr.Les Houson ( Acoustician), Mr. Steve Cooper (Acoustician), Professor Alec Salt( Neurophysiologist), Emeritus Professor Colin Hansen(BE Hons, PhD Acoustics), and the list goes on, all of the above independent of the wind industry, one realises that these professional people are telling us that there are serious issues which need to be addressed to protect peoples health from industrial wind turbines.

For Assistant Commissioner David Locke to dismiss the Waubra Foundation status as not a Health Promotion Charity on the grounds that: “to date there has been no rigorous independent scientific evidence that finds that the ill health complained of is caused by the physiological effects from wind turbines nor that there are human diseases called wind turbine syndrome or vibroacoustic disease” is a very poorly researched decision, as it is clear that Assistant Commissioner Locke has not read much of the published information (ie,Professor Mariana Alves Pereira 30 years of research on vibroacoustic disease) nor has he recognised that the reality is that many rural Australian citizens are now displaced from their homes as a result of their illness from industrial wind turbines. The Assistant Commissioner has also failed to take into account that there is also no other independent body in Australia with the expertise and professionalism as the Waubra Foundation.

I would also like to point out that the Waubra Foundation also helps others, especially those in rural areas, who are impacted on by other industrial noise, often in situations where such impost would not and could not be tolerated by city residents.

Ever since the Waubra Foundation started to collect field evidence of health impacts on people living around industrial wind turbines, researching the literature and bringing these matters to the attention of the industry, the public and responsible authorities, there has been sophisticated and not so sophisticated attacks on the Foundation’s officers and its work. Senator Di Natale’s public outbursts and request to the ACNC to investigate the Foundations Deductible Gift Status is part of the ongoing attempt to discredit the Foundation and its work.

It is also clear that Assistant Commissioner Locke has either not been sufficiently diligent in his analysis or somewhat careless in selecting and arranging his evidence. To many of those who support the Foundation it is clear that Assistant Commissioner Locke started with a result, and then sought and produced a faulted rationale to support the desired result.

I would urge the ACNC to reverse the current decision to deny the Waubra Foundation tax deductible status on the grounds that the foundations research and its credibility is based on facts, and that what the Waubra Foundation is doing will lead Australia and the world onwards in making better decisions with regard to placement of industrial wind turbines and protecting peoples health. In reality Government should be funding this body but in the meantime if the Waubra Foundation has its charitable status reinstated then its work as an independent foundation can continue for the betterment of all

Yours Sincerely

Andrew C Gabb

6th February 2015

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