Gardner, A & A. To ACNC in Support of Waubra Foundation

The Waubra Foundation is the ONLY body assisting hard working rural Australians who find themselves, through no fault of their own, severely impacted by the acoustic emissions from wind turbines, along with other forms of excessive industrial noise.

Dear Commissioner Pascoe,

We are writing to give our support for the Waubra Foundation, in the hope that common sense within the ACNC will prevail, and the ACNC realises what wonderful work the Waubra Foundation has carried out, quickly reversing their seriously uninformed decision of 11 December 2014.

The Waubra Foundation is the ONLY body assisting hard working rural Australians who find themselves, through no fault of their own, severely impacted by the acoustic emissions from wind turbines, along with other forms of excessive industrial noise.

The Waubra Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which consists of volunteer scientists, medical representatives and others, whose sole interest is in ameliorating the severe health problems of environmental noise pollution Australia wide, and indeed, around the world.


We read that, according to the Assistant Commissioner of the ACNC, Mr. David Locke, “to date there has been NO rigorous independent scientific evidence that finds that the ill health complained of is caused by the physiological effects from wind turbines, nor that there are human diseases called ‘wind turbine syndrome’ or ‘vibroacoustic disease’.”

We find this statement OUTRAGEOUS. This is SO FAR FROM the TRUTH.

There IS ABUNDANT SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of health impacts, from both Australia and overseas, but maybe this has carefully been ignored or avoided by the ACNC Assistant Commissioner, and we wonder if he has allowed himself to be influenced by the wind industry, or others with a vested interest in either wind farms or coal seam gas exploration.

To begin with, there has been evidence of ill health as a result of proximity to wind turbines, since the work carried out by Dr. Neil Kelley and NASA, funded by the US Department of Energy in the 1980’s. This work originally identified the direct causal relationship between symptoms and sensations and impulsive Infrasound/Low Frequency noise from various sound sources which included wind turbines, gas turbines and military aircraft.

Most recently Mr. Steven Cooper from The Acoustic Group in Sydney has completed a most comprehensive world first study of impacted residents and obtained noise data from the Cape Bridgewater wind farm near Portland. This study produced GROUND BREAKING RESULTS, thus forming a link between acoustic emissions from turbines and people’s health impacts.

Perhaps both the Commissioner, and Assistant Commissioner should take the time to read Mr. Cooper’s report, the restrictions upon which, despite thoroughly mischievous statements by wind industry advocates, were purely by design of Pacific Hydro, the developer. As we are constantly in touch with the residents who participated in Mr. Cooper’s investigations, we are fully aware of the wonderful assistance and support the Waubra Foundation has given to these three families, SUFFERING SO MISERABLY OVER SIX YEARS, not to mention that given to families in an IDENTICAL position, here at Macarthur.

My family, along with many other families living within 6 kilometres from the massive 140 turbine wind farm at Macarthur in Victoria, have been impacted since the commencement of operation of the initial 15 turbines here, in October 2012.

We are so badly impacted by the infrasound/low frequency noise emitted by the turbines, even when they’re turned OFF, we are forced to leave our home for at least TWO DAYS and TWO NIGHTS of EVERY WEEK, to get a decent sleep. We are both very badly impacted by the infrasound emitted by the turbines all day long also, whether this takes place in our paddocks, our woolshed (both our workplace) or in our home.

We have lived on this property for 35 years now, the first 33 very happily and healthily. Ever since October 2012, when the first turbines began operation here, we have both been badly impacted and it does not matter which way the wind is blowing. Infrasound waves travel in every direction and there is ground borne vibration also. We even suffer from the vibration which is felt through our bed, all through the night !!! Not only do we experience ongoing extreme sleep deprivation, we suffer throughout the day and night from headaches, sore and blocked ears, nose pressure, pressure spikes to the back of the head and neck, nausea, dizziness, tightness and burning of the chest, heart palpitations and nausea.

Commissioner Pascoe, I ask of you and Mr. David Locke, the following questions.

1. Why is it that at least 23 families who have lived healthily in the Macarthur district for 30 – 60 years, since October 2012, have developed symptoms, sometimes extremely serious, as described above ?

2. Why is it that a preliminary health survey carried out in the Macarthur district in 2013, reported around 66 residents whose health had been impacted and who suffered some degree from mild to severe, of the symptoms described above, since the turbines began operation in October 2012 ?

3. Why is it that 2 families have been forced to leave their homes permanently since October 2012, and many families, such as ourselves, are forced to exit their property EVERY week for at least two nights respite from the impact of the turbines, just to get some sleep ?

The Waubra Foundation appears to be the ONLY organisation/department which the wind industry has not been able to successfully infiltrate with their “spin”, perhaps as they are NOT on the receiving end of millions of taxpayer dollars and DO NOT HAVE A VESTED INTEREST in any form of industrial development which emits excessive industrial noise, be it wind turbines, coal seam gas or the like.

We are of the opinion that Mr. Locke’s decision has totally IGNORED the evidence of the serious health issues and diseases caused or increased by EXCESSIVE ENRIVONMENTAL NOISE AT NIGHT.

ONGOING SLEEP DEPRIVATION from which my husband and I, along with so many other families around the Macarthur wind farm suffer, is recognised by the World Health Organisation as TORTURE, and can lead to so many other diseases and health problems, both physically and psychologically.

Apart from the severe impact from infrasound which my husband and I experience as we go about our daily operations on our woolgrowing property, due to the fact that turbines are as close to our property, OUR WORK PLACE, as 90 metres, we begin the day EXHAUSTED due to severely disturbed sleep, if at all during the night.

The conditions under which we are now forced to work and live, are APPALLING and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS particularly when using farm machinery or driving …… we really should not be living here at all, but like so many other families have nowhere to go, no other employment, and no money, let alone having lost our superannuation which is our farming property. We have NO CHOICE BUT TO STAY HERE.

The Waubra Foundation has worked tirelessly to provide such an informative website for the whole world to access, and has worked tirelessly to assist those THOUSANDS of people in rural Australia whose lives and health have been turned upside down by the debilitating impact of EXCESSIVE ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE from a variety of forms of industrial development.

We request that the ACNC reverse their uninformed decision of 11 December 2014 in order that the Waubra Foundation may continue assisting those rural Australians who are currently being treated by government and big companies, as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS.

Perhaps a field visit may be in order for the ACNC Commissioners to investigate and speak to the THOUSANDS of people whom the Waubra Foundation have assisted in recent years ? This would hopefully enlighten you both of the valuable work carried out voluntarily, by the Waubra Foundation, assisting those rural citizens whose health and lives have been ruined by the greed of neighbours, wind developers and all tiers of government.

Ann & Andrew Gardner
Penshurst, Victoria

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