Gardner, A. Statement to VCAT Cherry Tree Hearing

Fine wool producer Andrew “Gus” Gardner describes the serious health effects, sleep deprivation and “pressure bolt” sensations he has experienced since AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm commenced operation.

The Gardners live 1.7km from the nearest turbines and have an arc of about 7 turbines between 1.7 and 1.9 kms from their family home. The remaining 133 turbines lie in a grid fashion immediately behind the arc.

Almost as soon as the turbines were commissioned, Mrs Gardner unexpectedly became badly affected. After perhaps 6 months, Mr Gardner started to experience sleep disturbance and headaches. Subsequently Mr Gardner began to experience “bolts” of pressure. These “bolts” occur suddenly, randomly, inside the home, inside farm sheds and out in the paddocks and were debilitating.

During July and August 2013 independent acoustician Mr Les Huson used the Gardner’s home to collect acoustic data as part of a self funded investigative trial of a new infrasound pressure monitor he had developed to try and accurately measure the wind turbine generated infrasound and pressure fluctuations down in the very low frequencies. Mr Huson suggested Mr Gardner keep a diary for the period while the acoustic testing was occurring, and noting these unusual “pressure bolt sensations” in particular.

Preliminary results of Mr Huson’s testing were also presented to the VCAT Hearing, which identified an 86% direct correlation between these episodes recorded by Mr Gardner and transient pressure peaks recorded by Mr Huson’s equipment.

Download Mr Gardner’s statement including his diary →

Read Mr Les Huson’s Expert Witness Statement to the Tribunal