Goodall, Narelle & Alan. Plea to AMA to Bring Suffering to an End

Dear Dr Hambleton, Prof Dobb & members of the AMA,

We have read your statement regarding Wind Farms & Health 2014 and are left astounded & dismayed that a medical organisation with such high standing as the AMA, has seen fit to diagnose people as ‘suffering’ from nocebo without any obvious personal consultation.

Our question to those of you who have written this statement is; how many of the impacted people & families have you actually taken the time to speak to?

As someone who has a proposed Windfarm due to be built next door to our home & workplace (ie farm), we are concerned with the negative impacts about to be foisted upon us (possible health effects, lowered property values etc) with no consideration to how we may feel about it.

We have made the effort to travel over east to meet people who are living with this scenario firsthand and have been saddened & shocked to see the destruction & torture they are having to put up with on a daily basis. The lack of action & compassion being shown by the governing & authoritative bodies who can do something to stop the suffering, concerns us greatly.

We have met people who were in favour of wind power, who are now living with the consequences.

Prof Dobb, you treated a very sick family member of ours a few years ago, & your compassion & caring helped us through a difficult time. We have always been so thankful & appreciative for you & appeal now to your compassion & that of your AMA colleagues, to do the right thing & retract the statement that has been made, take the time to speak to those so adversely affected, encourage the Government to finally do the research that is necessary & help bring the suffering to an end.

Yours sincerely,
Narelle & Alan Goodall.

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