Hannam, P, Sydney Morning Herald, Apology to Waubra Foundation CEO, Sarah Laurie

Peter Hannam, Environment Reporter for Fairfax Media’s Sydney Morning Herald has also apologised to the Foundation’s CEO for retweeting a defamatory tweet – originally tweeted by VESTAS employee Ken McAlpine, and then retweeted by others, including Professor Simon Chapman, Public Health Professor from Sydney University.

The text of the apology is reproduced below.


Apology to Dr SARAH LAURIE

On June 29 I retweeted a tweet concerning Dr Sarah Laurie that was the subject of questioning by Senator Xenophon at a Senate inquiry into the health effects of wind farms. In doing so, I did not intend to convey any suggestion in the original tweet that Dr Laurie was not a doctor nor that she had been deregistered. If any readers interpreted my retweet in that way, I withdraw any such suggestions and apologise to Dr Laurie for any embarrassment caused.


Peter Hannam
Sydney Morning Herald