Hansen, et al Comparison of Noise Levels – Shutdown & Operational Wind Farms

Comparison of the noise levels measured in the vicinity of a wind farm for shutdown and operational conditions

Kristy Hansen, Branko Zajamšek, Colin Hansen
University of Adelaide, Australia

Presented at Inter-Noise 2014: 43rd International Congress on Noise Control Engineering, Melbourne, Australia, 16-19 November 2014


Outdoor and indoor microphone measurements have been taken in the vicinity of the Waterloo wind farm at a number of locations during periods when the nearby wind farm was operational as well as when it was shutdown. The majority of the shutdowns were of short duration and deliberate on the part of the wind farm operator, as they were associated with the recent EPA noise impact study. However, one of the shutdowns lasted for several days as it was related to a cable fault. Comparisons are made between both the third-octave spectra and narrowband spectra measured during the shutdown and operational periods. Operational times immediately adjacent to the shutdown times, as well as at other times when the wind conditions at hub height and at the residence matched the conditions recorded during a shutdown time, are considered in the analysis. It is shown that there are consistent and significant differences in noise spectra at the residence for the shutdown and operational cases, particularly for frequencies below 100 Hz. These differences can be observed at distances up to 8.7 km from the wind farm.

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