Haste Makes Waste – Analysis of NHMRC Rapid Review

The Society for Wind Vigilance
July 2010

The National Health & Medical Research Council’s (Australia) “Rapid Review” is an incomplete literature review with no original research. The report is biased from the outset as it seeks to support a restricted and preconceived conclusion. The end result is a deficient public health document.

NHMRC asserts it “… only uses the best available evidence, in the form of peer reviewed scientific literature, to formulate its recommendations.” The contents of the “Rapid Review” reveal a different reality.

The list of reference omissions is immense. The “Rapid Review” places an inappropriate level of credence in wind energy industry produced and or sponsored material to support its assertions. To compound this bias the “Rapid Review” selectively cites references which favour the wind energy industry while inexplicitly omitting relevant citations which do not.

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