Hetherington, J. Witness Statement to VCAT Cherry Tree Tribunal

Mrs Janet Hetherington describes the “torture” of living three kilometres from the Macarthur Wind Farm in Victoria.

In a signed statement presented to the VCAT hearing into Infigen’s Cherry Tree Wind Farm proposal, Mrs Hetherington says:

“I find it difficult at times to work in my studio, as I feel vibration, and my body shakes inside and I feel jittery. I feel that I have a lot of energy in my muscles, almost like an electric feeling. It makes me feel anxious and it is upsetting.

At night I experience heart palpitations, stabbing pains in the chest, headaches, vibration, hot sweats as if I’m “cooking” inside, waking 4 to 5 times at night and feeling exhausted the next morning.

My daughter can only stay with me on the farm for 2 nights maximum as she experiences nausea, and headaches and also fears for her two year old daughter’s health.

I am forced to get away from this “torture” for a couple of days, every so often, when my work permits, or when it gets unbearable. When I am away, the symptoms go away and I sleep soundly, but when I return to the farm, the symptoms return.”

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Download Acoustician Mr Les Huson’s Expert Evidence Statement at the Tribunal