Hetherington, Janet, Letter to AMA President and Members

Dear Dr. Steve Hambleton, Prof. Geoffrey Dobb and all members of the AMA, March 29, 2014

To release such an irresponsible statement such as the statement released by our own AMA recently, I feel shows incompetence, ignorance and lack of intellectual willingness to decipher fact from fiction. The AMA statement says there are no health effects from low frequency and infrasound from wind farms.

How does the AMA know this?

  • Where is the AMA’s research?
  • Who carried out the AMA’s independent, full spectrum noise testing?
  • Who took part in AMA’s multi disciplinary research?
  • Who and how many effected residents living near wind farms did the AMA interview for its research?
  • If the AMA’s research was carried out “in the field” then where? And at which wind farms?
  • The AMA is there for a reason, to look after the health and wellbeing of Australian citizens not to be an advocate for the wind industry.
  • How many doctors were interviewed who were prepared to speak out after they received the letter from AGL, telling the doctors in the western district that there are no health issues from the Macarthur wind farm and if they have patients presenting themselves with any symptoms to advise that patient to contact the AGL website?
  • Does the AMA condone the practice of the deterioration and destruction of Doctor / Patient relationships created by AGL’s appalling and outrageous behavior concerning this letter from AGL to the doctors in the western district.
  • In the AMA mission statement, it states the AMA promotes and advances ethical behavior by the medical profession and protects the integrity and independence of the doctor / patient relationship.
  • I live 3 kms from the Macarthur wind farm and have had my doctor / patient relationship absolutely shattered and severed by the deliberate and malicious action by AGL who sent my doctor proper gander information about the non existence of health issues created by the Macarthur wind farm.
  •  I am terribly affected by the low frequency and infrasound created by the Macarthur wind farm and no-one from the AMA or the NHMRC have ever bothered to speak to me to hear the truth.
  • Shame on you.

I would appreciate it if you would show me the courtesy of answering these questions.

Yours Sincerely,
Janet Hetherington

Penshurst, Victoria

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