Reichardt, Jutta. Writes to ACNC in support of Waubra Foundation

13 February 2015

Dear Madam Commissioner Pascoe,

I write to you from Germany, living with my husband for 20 years next to wind turbines and we have personally experienced all the disadvantages of this energy. Please see our story below, called Wind- Delusional Story from 1995 until 2012 and our Affidavit (1996 – 2014) regarding our diseases, acquired in long-term exposure of 20 years vicinity of wind turbines

We clarify about the dangers of infrasound, noise and visual pollution from wind turbines on in Europe since 2006, belong to the worldwide network since 2008 and know the Waubra Foundation and Dr Sarah Laurie since 2010. On we give noise-victims a voice.

With concern and astonishment I read the statement of ACNC Assistant Commissioner David Locke about the Waubra Foundation, which, in his opinion, was no Health Promotion Charity.

Assistant Commissioner Locke’s statements about the alleged lack of independent scientific evidence and his denying of ill health, caused by the physiological effects from wind turbines and the human diseases called wind turbine syndrome and vibroacoustic disease, are evidence of ignorance and indifference towards thousands of WTS and VAD ill patients worldwide ,

So far, I thought that such statements are made only in the German and Danish politics, which are driven by the powerful wind power industry in our countries in Northern Europe. Here a human is forced for decades to vacate his place for the mass construction of our once beautiful countries with wind turbines. The preference for economic interests of the wind power sector over the interests and health of the population in Germany is justified by the ideology of saving the world by cutting CO2 emissions.

This absurd mislead is hardly believed by the German citizens, because most of the people know that CO2 levels for years increase in Germany in correlation to the construction of wind turbines (today 25,000 already in the small Germany) and the cut-off of nuclear power plants.

People begin to learn that this fraud on the people, to nature, especially on the avifauna and the landscape is only one benefits: the bank accounts of the wind power profiteers. And because there are wind turbines in Germany for more than 25 years, a large number of Germans suffering from noise, infrasound and visual pollution caused by wind turbines.

Today, there are more and more doctors who have recognized the danger of acoustic and visual pollution on the physical and mental health and they are struggling for their patients in Germany.

These doctors (see, eg, the organization, “Physicians for Immission Control”, listed below) and we, the residents affected by wind turbines, but also by other technical equipment such as air-heat-pumps, air conditioners, etc. have for years benefited from organizations in other parts of the world, such as the Waubra Foundation and specifically by the research and the academic studies made by Dr Sarah Laurie.

Whenever we have any questions or need assistance, we can turn to Dr. Laurie and we will be advised by her.

Although the history of wind power in Australia is much shorter than in Europe, especially in Germany, Dr. Laurie has gained through her field studies much more experience for the benefit of the infrasound and noise victims worldwide.

The collaboration of research-based physicians, audiologist and patients has to rely on doctors like Dr. Laurie and organizations such as Waubra Foundation.

I assumed that, particularly in Australia, democracy is still so strong that human and nature stand in the first place, and only much later the economic interests of a few profiteers eg from the wind energy industry.

So I wished, that in Australia the right on science, research and education continues to be in the first place, even if it does not please some lobbyists.

This includes the recognition of the work of courageous doctors and scientists such as Dr. Laurie, Prof. Dr. Alves Pereira, Dr. Pierpont, Dr. Salt and many others who work on the subject of health effects through immissions of wind turbines.

Hopefully, that the Waubra Foundation will be able to continue their work for noise-victims, the affected families in Australia and worldwide through the admirable charitable work of Dr Sarah Laurie.

On behalf of all wind power victims in Germany – Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely

Jutta Reichardt

Spokeswoman of EPAW for Germany
WCFN Coordinator-General for Germany

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