Testimony, Ms. Berni Janssen, Waubra, Senate Inquiry Into Wind Farms

I Woke In The Night With What Felt Like A Rapidly Beating Heart..

Submission to The Social & Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms
Australian Federal Senate Inquiry 2011

I woke in the night with what felt like a rapidly beating heart, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing. I was so concerned that I woke my partner. He confirmed that my heart beat was rapid. After perhaps ten minutes or so it slowed.

Over the following month this occurred on several other occasions, once in the garden and again when I was sleeping. This had never occurred before.

In August 2009, I visited my GP, and my Blood Pressure was so elevated, he immediately referred me to a Cardiologist. Since then I have undertaken various tests including: Halter Monitor; Exercise Stress Test and Echocardiogram and Electrocardiogram. All of which have found that my heart etc is functioning normally.

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