Infigen’s Upson Denies Health Problems From Wind Turbines

Canberra Times Newspaper – Letters
Sarah Laurie, October 3 2012

Jonathon Upson, employee of wind developer Infigen (Letters, September 27), is known for his blanket denials of any health problems from exposure to wind turbines.

This is despite the mounting public reports by sick residents, including turbine hosts at Infigen’s own wind developments.

Other wind developers, such as Acciona, have at least admitted that some people become ”sick” and ”stressed” near wind turbines.

It is a fact that wind turbine hosts and their families and visitors report a range of health problems identical to those who do not receive a financial benefit.

Almost all of these problems resolve when away from operating wind turbines.

It is a fact that wind turbines emit infrasound and low-frequency noise, first described from modern wind turbines by NASA in 1989, and confirmed by recent acoustic surveys at Infigen’s Capital wind development.

It is a fact that low-frequency noise from different sources has been shown in peer-reviewed published research to cause a range of symptoms identical to ”wind-turbine syndrome”.

It is a fact that low-frequency noise has been shown to cause measurable physiological stress, even in sleeping children.

Cumulative chronic exposure to operating wind turbines is resulting in reports of severe sleep disturbance and symptoms related to severe chronic stress, around the world.

The consequences for damage to mental and physical health from severe sleep deprivation and chronic severe stress are well known to clinical medicine, and are well described in peer-reviewed journals.

Remember the denials of tobacco and asbestos companies.

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