Testimony, Janet Hetherington, Macarthur, Excessive Noise Bill

Another neighbour to the massive, partly completed Macarthur
wind farm, becomes ill

Renewable Energy (Electricty) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Windfarms) Bill 2012

I am situated three kilometres from the nearest turbine on the Macarthur Wind Farm and have experienced first- hand, the noise and infrasound and vibration that affects your very being. The noise at night, when your head hits the pillow is a continual low rumbling noise, like far away thunder.

It is very disturbing, when I wake up with the vibration running through my body and my heart is pounding in my chest and my pulse is racing, and when, in the morning, I get up feeling like a mass of jelly, shaking and in tears.

This experience happened to me with only 37 turbines going, but feel that this is only the beginning of the torment and health issues for me, when all 140 turbines are fully commissioned.

This noise is not just audible from outside, but it is a noise quite different when indoors. It is a noise that you can’t hear or see, but you feel it’s presence. It feels quite sinister. Your ears start ringing and you feel pressure in your head.

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