Jeffery, Krogh, Horner: Letter to ‘Canadian Family Physician’ about Blogger Mike Barnard

Adverse Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines
Canadian Family Physician, September 2013

Roy D. Jeffery MD FCFP, Carmen Krogh, Brett Horner CMA

Following their article in the May 2013 journal “Canadian Family Physician” describing symptoms which physicians might recognise when patients living adjacent to industrial wind turbines present for treatment, blogger and IBM employee Mike Barnard accused the authors of ignoring the often referred to “18 reviews worldwide of the peer-reviewed evidence … that found no evidence of harm from wind turbines to human health“.

Mr Barnard also accused the authors of being ‘anti-wind’, a phrase often used by the wind industry and its advocates when adverse health effects are mentioned by health professionals and researchers who are independent of the wind industry, and who are responding ethically to new health problems being reported by residents.

A letter from the authors to the Canadian Family Physician refutes Barnard’s comments.

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