Johansson, M. Big Wind Turbines, Health & Disease – A Danish Perspective

Dr Mauri Johansson, MD, MHH, Specialist in Community & Occupational Medicine
Denmark, July 2013

Dr Johansson writes: “Unfortunately in Denmark there has been no systematic registration of complaints, or follow up for the people whose health and sleep have been affected by the noise. No information about risks for illness has ever been sent to GPs or the hospital system. So in fact in Denmark we have no idea of the real numbers, and most farmers are uneasy to speak up about their health/illness problems. Speaking up also risks falling house and land prices or may even totally prohibit their sale.

There is no doubt, however, that the number of complaints of sleep and health problems from Danish residents is increasing.

It is clear the institutional political corruption and the lack of professional ethics on the part of wind industry acousticians and public health researchers, who ignore or deny the existence of the sleep and health problems and the consequent serious long term damage to health, is not limited to Denmark.”

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