Staff, Keith. Writes to ACNC in support of Waubra Foundation

Dear Susan.

I find it difficult to accept the decision of the ACNC Assistant Commissioner David Lockie,- 11th December 2014.

The question must be asked, – who gave the Assitant Commsioner details for him to come to his decision and would he be prepared to make this information public at the Select Senate Committee inquiry into the impacts of Industrial wind turbines.

Attached for you and Assistant Commissioner’s interest is copy of a speech made in Parliament made by Senator Madigan who is chairman of the new Select Senate Committee Inquiry into wind turbine impacts. Senator Madigan makes reference in his speech about noise / heath impacts and of compliance issues of industrial wind turbines.

I find the Assistants commissioner’s ruling unacceptable. There is plenty of evidence of the Waubra foundations work if you care to visit their website with many links to peer reviews Worldwide related to health impacts.

The latest scientific assessments are in the public domain as a result of the recent study made by independent acoustics expert Mr Steven Cooper at the Cape Bridgewater,[ Victoria ] wind energy facility. Impacted residents show the same or similar symptoms as many others re; health impacts.

I would be happy to provide further information / links.


Keith Staff
Penshurst, Victoria

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