Klug, Wayne. To ACNC in Support of Waubra Foundation

Dear Commissioner Pascoe

I urge you to review Assistant Commissioner Locke’s ruling that the Waubra Foundation is not a Health Promotion Charity.

In claiming that no scientific evidence links the operation of wind turbines to health conditions such as vibroacoustic disease, Mr. Locke’s ruling overlooks numerous peer-reviewed studies whose conclusions establish such a link.

As a published researcher whose work has been peer-reviewed, and who has in turn served as a peer-reviewer, I can attest to the scientific rigor of this process. I find the studies persuasive and believe that public policy must take account of them.


The Waubra Foundation should be deemed a Health Promotion Charity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Wayne Klug, Ph.D.
Berkshire, Massachusetts, USA
8 February 2015

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