Krogh, C. Congratulations Steven Cooper on your Investigation at Cape Bridgewater

Mr. Steven Cooper
The Acoustics Group Sydney, Australia
[email protected]

February 6, 2015

Dear Steven,

Re: Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm Acoustic Study

I have reviewed the results of your acoustical study conducted at the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm.

Congratulations on your investigation of those reporting adverse health effects.

It is evident this study would not have been possible without the commitment of the families who participated. They are to be commended for carrying out this enormous effort. As well, Pacific Hydro merits recognition for sponsoring the study and being responsive to those reporting adverse health effects.

Through the study design, your exhaustive infrasound measurements, the detailed diaries kept by the families, and Pacific Hydro’s cooperation, this study has advanced the understanding of the role of infrasound and human responses associated with industrial wind turbines. Such collaborative efforts have set a new standard for conducting future research.


The study applied the term “sensation” which includes “headache, pressure in the head, ears or chest, ringing in the ears, heart racing or a sensation of heaviness”. Based on reports of affected neighbours in Ontario, sensation is an appropriate term for describing human responses to infrasound. In medicine and physiology the term sensation can be more informative than the commonly used term of “perception”. In addition, severity rankings should be included in future study designs when recording perceived noise and vibration impacts and other disturbances.

This important effort on the part of all parties is expected to benefit future research and inform knowledge on the risk of human exposure to industrial wind turbines.

Congratulations to all those who were involved.

Yours truly,

Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Independent researcher, Ontario, Canada

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