Krogh, C. Letter to President of Australian Medical Association

Letter to President of Australian Medicial Association from Carmen Krogh, BScPharm 

Dr Steve Hambleton
President, Australian Medical Association
[email protected] 

March 18, 2014 

Dear Dr. Hambleton, 

Re: Adverse Health Effects and Industrial Wind Energy Facilities 

I am aware of the Australian Medical Association position (2014) regarding risk of health associated with industrial wind turbines. As background, I am an independent, full time volunteer and published researcher regarding health effects and industrial wind energy facilities and share information with communities, individuals, authorities, wind energy developers, the industry and others.  

I am a co-author of three articles, one a review, published in Canadian rural medical journals, Can J Rural Med 2014;19(1); Can Fam Physician 2013; 59: 473-475 (Commentary); and Can Fam Physician Vol 59: 921-925 Letters / Correspondence. These are cited in PubMed and are attached for your information. 

I am taking the opportunity to share the experiences regarding the negative effects which can occur when industrial wind energy facilities are sited in close proximity to family homes and sensitive environments; and to provide some of the peer reviewed and other evidence regarding this topic. [See Appendix I for additional details. Appendix II briefly lists Krogh publications – author/coauthor.] 

Personal disclosure: I declare no potential conflicts of interest and have received no financial support with respect to the research and authorship of this overview. This commentary is public and may be shared. 

I have made a number of submissions to both provincial and federal authorities in Canada and shared information internationally. An example is one sent to the Minister of Health, Health Canada regarding risks to children. This is public and may be shared.  

This is a complex and challenging topic. The many variables associated with wind energy facilities such as siting design and proximity, wind direction and speed, terrain, house construction, a variety of noise emissions, and electrical pollution to name a few, can affect the assortment and description of symptoms being reported.  

To assist with this topic, I have provided some examples of comments received from Canadians reporting adverse health issues in the attached Adverse Health Effects and Industrial Wind Energy Facilities March 18 2014 

Of concern is that some report they are hesitant to elaborate on the degradation in their quality of life, the significant changes to their living environment, the negative changes in their health status, and the social-economic impacts. This reluctance could deprive the family physician of information relating to disruptive noise levels, vibration, pulsation and other and the associated symptoms.  

These comments could have significant ramifications as in some cases, the family physician may not be receiving all the facts which could hamper or misdirect the clinical investigation. 

The World Health Organization states with respect to noise in general:  

“In all cases, noise should be reduced to the lowest level achievable in a particular situation. Where there is a reasonable possibility that public health will be damaged, action should be taken to protect public health without awaiting full scientific proof.” [World Health Organization. (1999). Guidelines for community noise. Geneva; OMS, 1999, p 94. Ilus, Berglund, B., Lindvall, T., and Schwela, D. H.]  

The Policy Interpretation Network on Children’s Health and Environment advises:  

“Policies that may protect children’s health or may minimise irreversible health effects should be implemented, and policies or measures should be applied based on the precautionary principle, in accordance with the Declaration of the WHO Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in Budapest in 2004.” [Report WP7 Summary PINCHE policy recommendations Policy Interpretation Network on Children’s Health and Environment (PINCHE) Policy Interpretation Network on Children’s Health and Environment QLK4-2002-02395] 

I trust the information provided will be helpful and given consideration by the AMA and if I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Yours truly,

Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Ontario, Canada
[email protected] 


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