Krogh, C Open Commentary: NHMRC Draft Report on Health & Wind Energy Facilities

Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
April 7, 2014

Open Commentary: NHMRC Draft Consultation Report on health & wind energy facilities

Dear interested parties,

I am aware of some of the initiatives being taken in Australia regarding the topic of adverse health effects and wind turbines and have previously shared information on several occasions to some members of the NHMRC.

Personal disclosure: I an independent, full time volunteer and for almost 6 years have been researching health and other effects associated with industrial wind energy facilities and am peer reviewed and a published author/co-author on these topics. I am guided by the numerous peer reviewed articles, judicial proceedings, acknowledgements by authorities and others, and by the reports of those experiencing negative health and social-economic effects which are correlated with the start up of a wind energy facility. I declare no potential conflicts of interest and have received no financial support with respect to the research and authorship of this overview. This commentary is public and may be shared.

As additional background, I share information with individuals, communities, authorities, wind energy developers, industry and others. I am taking the opportunity to share the experiences regarding the negative effects which can occur when industrial wind facilities are sited in close proximity to family homes; and to provide some of the peer reviewed and other references regarding this topic. [See Appendix for details].

I trust that this commentary will be considered by the NHMRC committee during its deliberations.

Respectfully submitted,

Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Ontario, Canada


Adverse health effects and industrial wind energy facilities April 7, 2014
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