Krogh, C. Open Letter to Ontario Premier re Amaranth Transformer Station

Carmen Krogh, BScPharm – letter to the Premier of Ontario and health and environment officials
May 14, 2014 

Dear Premier Wynne and those on this email,

Re: Open letter: Amaranth transformer station and adverse health effects

The purpose of this message is to restate my concerns regarding the transformer station located near the Whitworth family home and to request that their file be reopened.

This letter is public and may be shared.

In view of the ongoing issues I request clarifications on the following:

§ Who is the responsible authority and/or group regarding the adverse health effects being reported by the Whitworth family?

§ The file regarding the issues reported by the Whitworth family has been closed: is it a practice to close a file? If so, how many files associated with implementation of the renewable energy process have been closed?

§ In view of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (2013) report acknowledgement that LFN emissions from the transformer station could be the cause of the family’s health issues, what action will MOE take to resolve the issues?

§ Have the relevant Ontario Ministries considered the animal laboratory experimental and patient references associated with LFN/infrasound? If so, please provide the reports and/or assessments.

§ What precautionary action will the Ontario government take regarding the Amaranth transformer station located in close proximity to the Whitworth family home?

The Whitworth family continues to report adverse health effects despite the closure of their file. Indications are that the issues regarding the Amaranth transformer station are not resolved.

The World Health Organization states with respect to noise in general:

“In all cases, noise should be reduced to the lowest level achievable in a particular situation. Where there is a reasonable possibility that public health will be damaged, action should be taken to protect public health without awaiting full scientific proof.” [World Health Organization. (1999). Guidelines for community noise. Geneva; OMS, 1999, p 94. Ilus, Berglund, B., Lindvall, T., and Schwela, D. H].

I trust this update has been informative and look forward to your positive response on this matter.

Yours truly,
Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Killaloe, ON


Submission Amaranth Transformer Station May 14 2014 FINAL

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