Krogh, C. Risk of Harm to Children – Correia May 15, 2013

Carmen Krogh BSc Pharm
Open Submission: Risk of Harm to Children & Industrial Wind Turbines – Health and Social-economic Impacts in Canada May 15, 2013


This submission is being made regarding risk of harm to a child associated with exposure to a wind energy facility. This facility is not yet operational but approval for the facility is pending.

This submission is made on behalf of the Correia family from Ontario, Canada. The family raises concerns about their son who will be risk from exposure to a wind energy facility.

I have forwarded a number of submissions, both public and confidential, to the Minister, Health Canada on behalf of families who had expressed concerns for their children and grand-children. In addition I have provided several submissions, public and confidential, with examples of increased vulnerability associated with pre-existing medical conditions such as autism, respiratory conditions and other when industrial wind turbine facilities are sited in close proximity to family homes and schools. These have been copied to the Principle Investigator of the Wind Turbine Noise study as part of the peer review process.

Excerpts and references from peer reviewed and published research and other documentation of health and social-economic impacts associated with wind energy facilities have been provided to the Minister, Health Canada and in the past, copied to the Principle Investigator.

I have commented that vigilance and long term surveillance systems regarding risks to children and the general population associated with wind energy facilities are lacking.

The lack of resolution associated with industrial wind energy facilities has led to serious health, social, economic and altered quality of life issues.

The harm reported is in conflict with the World Health Organisation’s definition of health:

“: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

Many jurisdictions, including the Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial governments and health officials have accepted WHO’s definition of health (Health Canada, 2004, vol.1, p.1-1).

Download the Submission including letters from Ms Shellie Correia (about her son Joey) and Pediatrician Dr Chrystella Calvert→