Testimony, Martin Wynne, Waubra, Senate Inquiry Into Wind Farms

The Last Day At Work Frightened Me So Much .. I Have Never Been Back

Submission to The Social & Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms
Australian Federal Senate Inquiry, 2011

When working at a property on Stud Farm Rd in Waubra, I suffered really bad headaches, nausea, severe heart palpitations, which were so excessive that it frighten me. My heart would start racing and I have never experienced anything like it. Sometimes the funny feelings in my chest feel like a butterfly vibrating. Sometimes after working all day under these conditions I fainted when I arrived home.

Initially I was putting up with the sick feeling for quite a while, and then realised it was only happening to me when I worked near turbines.

I also developed Tinnitus at Waubra. Its was a Durrrrrrrrrrrrr noise which comes on suddenly when I started work and then disappeared when I went home. It does not happen anywhere else I work and has not happened since I stopped work at Waubra.

The last day at work frightened me so much with these feelings I have never been back …

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