Lawrence, Dr David, To ACNC in Support of the Waubra Foundation

Dr David R Lawrence, MD February 7, 201

Dear Commissioner Pascoe:

I am David R. Lawrence, MD. I have been a practitioner of Internal Medicine for 23 years in a semi-rural area of Connecticut in northeastern United States.

My interest in the health impact of industrial wind turbines was sparked by a decision by our local government to allow them to be erected near my house. Prior to any research that I have done, I had no preconceived ideas about the potential health hazards of IWTs.

My research includes studies of scientific articles on the effects of sound-particularly infrasound and low frequency sound. Additionally, I interviewed a resident in Cape Cod, Massachusetts who became disabled within 3 months of the operation of two IWTs as close as 1400 feet from his house. Sound can be hazardous if the amplitude is high enough.

The World Health Organization has recommended that noise be at a maximum of 30 dBA particularly for “vulnerable populations”, i.e. children and the elderly. Research in The Netherlands by Pedersen and colleagues established a casual relationship between low frequency sound at 30-35 dBA dBa and higher with negative physical effects for a significant percentage of the population.

The man I interviewed experienced new symptoms of tinnitus, headaches, palpitations and clouded thinking. He noted that in his immediate area there were at least six people who newly became depressed, with concerns about suicidal ideation in at least one.

I understand that there is a political agenda to push forward with so called “green energy” including IWTs. In the United States, I have made vain attempts to get local and federal political leaders-including the director of the CDC, Dr. Tom Frieden-to structure safe policies that will ensure the safety of the residents who live near IWTs. Very few even took the time to listen.

The Waubra Foundation has worked hard to elevate safe health standards related to the noise from IWTs and from other sources for the benefit of people at large nationally and internationally. They most certainly should be considered a Health Promotion Charity, even if their agenda is not politically attractive.

One of my testimonies to the Connecticut Siting Council is available at the link below. (Like many other politically motivated bodies, the CSC didn’t take into consideration what I said. They did what they planned to from the onset).


David R. Lawrence, MD

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