Letter to Prime Minister Gillard, 21 February, 2012

Dear Prime Minister,
I am writing to you to ensure that you are personally made aware of the growing number of “wind farm refugees” in Australia, who are abandoning their homes after advice from their treating doctor.

There is also a growing number of sick, vulnerable Australians who are unable to leave their homes near wind developments, and who are trapped in homes which are making them seriously ill. These include frail elderly citizens, people living with disabilities and young children. Those with the financial resources to do so move away. Those without those financial resources have few choices; either stay trapped in a home where their symptoms continue to worsen, rely on the charity of friends and relations, or become homeless.

This situation is occurring as a direct result of your government’s current policies. It is also occurring because state government planning laws are inadequate, and there is no effective mechanism currently to monitor and deal with the acoustic pollution these wind turbines are emitting. It is also occurring because not one health department in Australia is taking any notice of the cries for help from these citizens. They all refer to the NHMRC’s Rapid Review, and say “there is no evidence you could possibly be getting sick”, and refuse to investigate, often denigrating the victims in the process.

As a direct consequence of all these systemic failings, the health of Australian rural citizens is being seriously harmed, and they are being ignored.

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