Letters to the Editor from Wind Farm Neighbours

Wind farms are a monstrous blight on the landscape

Letters to the Editor, The Australian November 06, 2012

GRAHAM Lloyd has written a well-researched article on wind factories — as those of us who are affected by them prefer to describe them.

(“Ill wind creates a headache”, 3-4/11). Farms they are not. They are factories placed in the countryside.

Put into proper perspective, they are akin to the blight an open-cut coal mine would be on such a place. They produce the same product, energy,

albeit at a higher price to the consumer. Moreover, these monstrous turbines attract money from the federal government. I say monstrous with good reason: dozens of the them looming 150m above the hills and ridges on which they are situated spoil the landscape. And loom they do.

More research is needed before our country is dotted with them all over the bush.

Lee Stephenson, Kerrisdale, Vic

I HAVE experienced the disturbing effects of wind farms. It is hard to explain the distress that one feels. The vibration runs right through one’s body — your heart pounds and your pulse races. Your head feels as if it’s under pressure and your ears ring constantly.

Yes, you can hear the noise outside, but inside the house it is different. It is a sinister presence that you can’t hear or see, just feel.

I have made two formal complaints and I must say the response was feeble. I was told that there were no other complaints. I spoke to another local who also suffered from the vibrations and she was told the same thing. I don’t want to be forced to leave my home of over 30 years. I find it hard to comprehend that we have been abandoned for those who want to make profits.

Jan Hetherington, Hamilton, Vic

GRAHAM Lloyd’s article was spot-on and so full of facts that have been ignored by those pushing the barrow of wind as a reliable and viable source of renewable energy. Thank you for publishing the truth.

When will governments face the evidence that there is an urgent need for independent studies into the adverse effects on humans and animals who are forced to live too close to turbines? These studies are already well overdue. It is a denial of natural justice for rural residents, just as it was with the asbestos industry.

Angela Kearns, Ballan, Vic

THANK you for providing information on the important topic of wind farms. For too long there has been a lid kept on what’s happening in this industry. Without independent research, no one can say they are safe from its effects.

Any government that doesn’t support independent research into the industry is failing in its duty of care.

J. Rovensky, Port MacDonnell, SA

THANK you, Graham Lloyd for your good work bringing the issues to the public about industrial wind turbines and the destruction of our priceless rural communities.

Contrary to what the wind industry believes, people in the Mudgee-Wellington district of NSW do not want these turbines. That is evident from submissions to the state government — 145 submissions opposed the project and nine supported it.

Lyn Jarvis, Bodangora, NSW

I WAS disturbed to read that wind turbines affect the health of those who live near these monstrous windmills. While they appear quiet, the reverse is true. The noise disrupts sleep and causes anxiety. The effects on native fauna have yet to be examined but given that they have more acute hearing than humans, it would be fair to suggest they too are suffering. Solar energy is more viable.

Andrew Dowling, Torquay, Vic

ON behalf of activists in Scotland, I thank you for your exposure of the dangers of wind farms. I only wish more of the British media would follow your example.

Nigel Willis, Lochwinnoch, Scotland

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