Letters of Support for Waubra CEO

Waubra Foundation CEO Sarah Laurie comes under sustained personal attack

Following the ground breaking Tribunal Orders from the VCAT Hearing into the Cherry Tree Wind Farm, which acknowledged the existence of sleep deprivation and adverse health effects for neighbours of wind energy projects, our CEO, Sarah Laurie, has come under sustained personal attack through the dissemination of an anonymous document by the Public Health Association of Australia, both to medical institutions, the media and to the blogosphere.

See the Waubra Foundation Press Release

The attack on Sarah has prompted several individuals to write letters of support acknowledging the value of her work internationally, which are shown under this sub-category of the Concerned Professionals topic on the website.

Letters and emails of support have been received from around the world, a few of which are available to read.

Download letters from:

Dr Robert McMurtry,

Dr Bob Thorne,

Dr Amanda Harry,

Dr David Iser,

Dr Alan Watts OAM,

Dr Colleen Watts