Leventhall, G. Wind Farms & Human Health

Professor Geoffrey Leventhall: Powerpoint Presentation to the NHMRC Forum 7th June 2011

UK Acoustician Professor Leventhall has a long career in the specific field of low frequency noise and its adverse health impacts on humans. In more recent times he has worked closely with the wind industry around the world.

Professor Leventhall was invited by the NHMRC to be an expert peer reviewer of the 2010 Rapid Review, and agreed but requested that his participation not be publicised. The other peer reviewer was Professor Simon Chapman, a sociologist from Sydney University.

At a forum held by Australia’s National Health & Medical Research Council on 7 June, 2011, Professor Leventhall acknowledged that symptoms listed by Dr Pierpont in her Wind Turbine Syndrome study were well known to him “for years” and that they were believed by him to be a “stress response to audible noise”.

Historically acoustic engineers have called the symptoms “annoyance” or “noise annoyance”.

The powerpoint presentation relating to the NHMRC workshop on 7th June 2011 can be viewed on the NHMRC website as a video. The powerpoint alone can be accessed below.

Download Prof Leventhall’s powerpoint presentation →