Linke, M. Witness Statement to VCAT Cherry Tree Hearing

Mrs Maria Linke describes the health and sleep problems which developed as more of the giant Macarthur Wind Farm turbines were commissioned. She lives 5km away from the nearest wind turbine, and cannot see any wind turbines from her home.

The first turbines to be turned on at Macarthur were about 6-7 km from the Linke house. After a period overseas prior to the turbines being commissioned Mrs Linke returned home and immediately began feeling pressure in her ears, and began to experience sleep deprivation.

As weeks passed Mrs Linke began to experience quickened heart beat and an inner vibration. Symptoms such as buzzing ears, pressure, tight chest, rapid heart beat and vibration developed and sleep was disturbed. As time passed Mr Linke also began to experience symptoms. The noise from the turbines is described as rumbling, thundering, humming, thudding and roaring and was often heard over the TV.

Mrs Linke says:

“we take for granted a good night’s sleep, but for me in the last 12 months, a good night’s sleep has been very rare. The next morning waking up and feeling rested was such a great feeling. For me this clearly shows how important sleep is to be able to function on a daily basis.”

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