Lousa et al. Rat Cochlea Exposed to Low Frequency Noise

N. Lousa, E.Monteiro, M. Alves-Periera, N.A.A. Castelo Branco
Proceedings 8th International Conference on Noise as Public Health Problem (ICBEN). Rotterdam, Holland, 29 June-3 July, 2003: 43-45. (ISBN: 90-807990-1-7)

Vibroacoustic disease (VAD) is an extra-aural, noise-induced pathology, caused by long-term exposure to low frequency noise. Common auditory complaints of VAD patients include “hearing too much” and “not being able to stand any type of noise, not even television or music”. 

However, their audiograms only present hearing losses within the lower frequency bands (250 Hz, 500 Hz), and their tympanograms are normal. This noise intolerance has been understood by specialists as a pseudo-recruitment or recruitment-like situation.

The goal of this study is to better understand the effects of LFN on the auditory system through the use of animal models and electron microscopy.

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