Maddock, P. Sufferer Begs AMA for Health Studies

This letter is from a resident in the Newcastle region of NSW, who has become badly sensitised to environmental low frequency noise, and there are numerous sources in her local environment which trigger her symptoms. She is not alone in her experiences – there are other people who have contacted the Waubra Foundation who have become sensitised to the sources of low frequency noise, and if they cannot get away from the sources of the noise or cannot turn the noise off themselves, they all describe their lives as “torture” or a “living hell” especially if it disrupts their sleep. The ability to sense intense changes in barometric pressure and earthquakes a considerable distance away have also been described by some other people. Very few are prepared to publicly admit to this, because of the fear of public and private ridicule. It is a measure of Mrs Maddock’s personal courage and desperation that she has requested that her name is left on this correspondence.

(ILFN) Infra sound and Low Frequency Noise
(EMF) Electromagnetic Frequency


I finished High School at the end of 2nd Year 15 Years old.

Now the above heading are away out of my realm of knowledge.

I have heard and done some reading about this since I have become a victim in 2008 of this hideous thing.

I am not living near Wind Turbine’s. I live in an area that has a large Industrial area. There is a Coal Mine less that 10 k away, trains travelling to the Mines and to the Port of Newcastle continuously this has all expanded since 1999 when I first moved to the area.

This all started with this weird pulsing sensation and the noise of a motor going continuously but with every effort made I could not find where this was coming from this was 2008.

Over a period of months my GP sent me for a lot of tests. MRI’s , Ear Nose and Throat Specialist, Specialist Physician, Neurologist. Blood and Urine Tests in Triplicate and Duplicate. Looking for Tumour’s or anything else that could be causing these symptom’s I was poked and prodded, then a Lumbar Puncture not 1 attempt but 3 , luckily on the 3rd. Attempt in one afternoon sitting on a Hospital bed they finally got Spinal fluid , then didn’t know how much to take. I asked for pain relief 2 to 3 hours later as I was walking out of the Hospital I was offered said I told them I would take something when I get home they were way too slow.

All of these tests proved there was nothing Physical causing this.

So I was Prescribed Endep 25 mg and Normison o help me get some sleep hopefully. For months I was lucky to have 2 hours sleep of a night, I would sit out the back or walk the street it was better outside than in the house but it was still audible this went on for months and still does sometimes Winter or Summer. I even drove to Maitland and tried to sleep in the car outside the Police Station feeling safer their to no avail. Sheer exhaustion, driving the streets looking for where this motor was so I could tell the Authorities to no avail with that as well. I would go to Telarah and stay at my companions house, I was taken to Hospital by Ambulance twice from there with chest pain, nothing was wrong with me physically they told me after running the necessary ECG etc. this was worse in Telarah than at my house.

I cried so many nights from exhaustion and fear of what was happening to me.

Examples could be continued on Rheems of paper cause and effect. The most recent, I had put on Face book something was happening with the atmosphere as this thing had increased to very bad proportions. On the 1st. 2nd. 3rd.April I decided on early nights during these dates as I had been working hard in my garden and house, but this was to no avail. The motor was throbbing through my head and my body would be rippling, so rest and sleep was near zero on these 3 dates, the dog would walk around the house growling I would let her out and she would rip pieces out of my vines. It was like science fiction. In the early hours of the 3rd. I heard the news report of the Chile Earthquake. The feeling of the floor rippling under my feet was all answered by that News.

My ears are frying as I write this they don’t ring they fry and the pressure is sometimes cruel to the point of hearing being impaired. Again as I write this the reports of bad storms down the South Coast and more to come by the media report. So once again the reason for such as bad time physically for me.

Because I have been exposed to this Hell on Earth for so long there is no escape.

Even out to Sea on a Cruise ship, I told my friends on board we were in for bad weather going home and yes we had to go further out to Sea to avoid the worst of Cyclone Edna off the Coast of Australia.

Sir this probably sounds beyond belief, since 2008 I have been to Hell and back. Thoughts of ending my life were there, I had help to stop myself going that far and I will never go there again.

Sleeping on the sofa is the lesser of two evils, I can have the surround sound system going that helps to mask the noise, this is on all night here in the Family room. My Main Bedroom is worse again with the noise, the toilet is worse again nightmare after nightmare.

Day after day this Hell is with me.

I need help and many others are suffering from ILFN and sadly don’t know it.

I live in hope that one day someone out there will have sound measurements done by Professionals which I personally cannot afford. When I inquired as to the cost it was $9,000 for two days if the weather was bad the readings would not be successful, that kind of money is out of my reach.

I am 65 years old I hope I live long enough to get some peace in my life here on earth. I go to Paterson and visit my late Husbands grave, I can feel a train coming 20 minutes before it passes where I am.

This life is pure Hell I don’t live I exist.

That is all it is Hell.

Is this living NO, is it right that people should have to put up with this torment and horror NO. When will Professionals admit there is a major problem with ILFN and EMF.

Question ; am I happy NO, this is so lonely because I can’t predict how I will cope day after day with this torment.

I see a Physcologist now, it doesn’t stop this but it does help to talk and cry.

This morning the 4th.April the News is of bad weather down the South Coast and I can tell you without any equipment to measure anything there is more to come.

Please listen to what I am saying, please help.

This is Real.

Sir I am begging you please please support the proposed Acoustic and Medical research which the Federal Government has said they will do, but again I am asking you to ask them to extend this to other noise sources so people like myself can be helped – that is not just the people effected by Wind Turbine Noise who need this research.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, it is a subject that in my wildest thoughts I would never thought I would know or have to experience.

I am a Widow living in Hell with nowhere to hide.

Yours Sincerely,

Pamela M. Maddock

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