Metcalfe, C. Ward, L. Living Near Wind Turbines is Not Good For Your Health

Christine Metcalfe, Lyndsey Ward.

Open Letter June 2016


The following information is of great importance to the wind industry, planning and medical authorities and those in government.

To continue to ignore the mounting evidence that living near industrial turbines can cause serious health issues is no longer an issue. The denial from the wind industry and global governments smacks of the denial that tobacco would damage the health of those who breathe in the toxic fumes. Eventually many sufferers were vindicated and paid massive compensation claims.

Governments should, first and foremost, protect their citizens. 

It is only a matter of time before compensation claims arise in our courts from those adversely affected by wind turbines.

There have now been 1,600 miscarriages at a mink fur farm in Denmark, many of which had deformities (the lack of eyeballs being the most common),near to which wind turbines were erected (Vet’s report attached). It is important remember that:-

1. Everything was normal prior to the installation of the turbines.
2.During the testing the animals become agitated/interested in the relatively small amount of noise – and quietened once it stopped.
3.The levels of violent behaviour and distress rose once turbines became fully operational.
4. The analogy is with humans incarcerated in their homes for financial reasons or physically in jails. People feel trapped in their homes because the value has reduced and they cannot afford to leave – or there are simply no interested buyers. We may already have some wind developments which are either built close to or proposed, or approved near jails. These incarcerated animals similarly cannot escape the impacts, just like the humans. The fertility issues and the aggressive behaviour as a result of stress are similar to that being reported by humans living near wind developments. Infertility specialists will agree that if you wish to conceive and carry a pregnancy you need to make sure you get sufficient sleep and that you minimise your stress. The immature immune systems of the very young and fragility of those of the elderly are at particular risk, which why the need for independent monitoring programmes to be installed is extremely urgent. All living near turbines should be encouraged to keep a note of ill health symptoms arising post turbine installation plus any exacerbation of existing conditions.

G.P’s could now help by being aware of possible attributable effects and examining records of patients and families at risk in affected communities.

In respect of the mink, these unfortunate animals, already destined to be used in a way abhorrent to many, are not alone in a growing list of domestic animals affected by wind turbines. Effects on wild animals are more difficult to monitor or report upon for obvious reasons. Such Incidents of animal effect results are crucial in importance as they remove the ‘psychological’ aspect often used by vested interests, and shamefully by governments, to ‘muddy the water’ in respect of reports involving humans and the evidence constantly also rejected as merely ‘anecdotal.’

In addition to the veterinary report you have, a video and second newspaper article is available at

This has proven that the constant attempts to raise adverse health effects attached to this technology have been entirely justified.

The BMA(British Medical Association) and BMJ(British Medical Journal) have been contacted recently. A refusal to comment from the BMA has been received and whether the BMJ will publish important data sent is as yet unknown as they will not discuss whether or not this will happen. The dialogue and documents sent plus others are also available.

As already known and reported, low frequency sound emitted by wind turbines, including infrasound down to 0,1 Hz, is very likely to be harmful. The fact that our foremost medical association is refusing to become involved, when the plea for independent monitoring of those already being forced to live in proximity to industrial wind turbines is now not only a moral but a legal duty, is little short of a national disgrace. As we now know, the BMA constitution lists human rights as within their remit see It is therefore difficult to see how this can be claimed whilst ignoring the many peer reviewed reports available as evidence mounts.

We have, and there is, a problem.

That this has now become a breach of human rights is undeniable. Despite repeated warnings, the current imposition upon populations of aspects of renewable energy policies having, or having the capacity to be damaging to the health of citizens and their environment, constitutes such a breach.

There is also a recently released documentary from Canada that will soon be available in the UK that exposes the adverse affects of living near turbines.

Details can be seen here:

Download can be purchased from here and trailer of documentary seen here too:

Below are just a few more links received which may be of assistance. They just scratch the surface of the scandal that is unfolding.There are many more available. Please ask if you want to see more and peer reviewed reports.

From Ireland:

A mother’s account of how her child is adversely affected:

A report of a vibrating house:

NB: Account of Vibroacoustic disease (VAD):

From United States:

Real people, real stories:

From Australia:

A collection of personal video accounts of human suffering.

Independent acoustic consultant Mr Steven Cooper is undertaking the acoustic investigation work:

From Portugal:

Research into deformities in horses:

Portuguese High Court – See:

NB: More details of case in attached document Adverse Health Issues and Industrial Wind Turbines

A selection of reports of affected animals/birds from many countries:

More of many links regarding the mink story:

This information is a sad and alarming snapshot into our future and we have to take heed of what is happening to those unable to move themselves away from danger be it for financial reasons or because they are physically restrained from doing so – whether they are animal or human. It is no longer acceptable for the Scottish Government to close their eyes and ears and ignore reports of ill health and the voices of those affected by wind turbines. They must look to other countries and see what is happening to those citizens and prevent any more of the same happening here. It has recently been reported that Scotland has enough consented turbines to meet targets – there is no need to continue with this destructive wind policy any longer. We look to this government to make a stand and say ‘there is enough evidence for us to call a halt to further wind development until world wide scientific studies into the affects of living near industrial turbines are completed – the health of our citizens is paramount’ – anything less would be a dereliction of their duty to the electorate. Lyndsey Ward, Highland Campaigner

NB: This email complete with all attachments will be sent to every MSP, Scottish MP, Scottish MEP and some Westminster MPs – including the Energy Minister, Ed Davey. It will also be circulated widely to interested parties to send to Councillors, GPs etc

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Additional information, including personal experiences and links

2. Adverse health effects of Wind Farms – letter from retired GP to BMJ


4. Ark Hill One Year On – A real life account by Andrew Vivers

5. MINK FARM VET’S REPORT – Translation from Danish

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