Michael Cobb’s Concern After Visiting Waterloo Wind Farm

Rural View On Wind Farms
Michael Cobb, Blayney Chronicle, November 1 2012

After my visit to Melbourne last week I travelled on to South Australia in an attempt to get a better handle on what is upsetting people about wind farms.

Just east of Adelaide are the Mount Lofty Ranges.

Extending in a northerly direction from them are a series of these ranges continuing as part of this same geological feature, and it is on these ranges that a number of wind farms are already built or intended to be built.

The Waterloo Wind Farm, which I chose to visit, is the closest of these to Adelaide, being about 125 kilometres north of that city.

It has been very controversial and constantly in the news since it began operating two years ago.

Because my visit had to be limited to one day, I could not meet everyone face to face that I wanted to.

However, I was able to visit the wind farm, the town of Waterloo, and meet with some residents and farmers.

Those I missed I was able to talk to at length over the phone.

Regrettably I could not speak to any hosts of the wind towers because of confidentiality clauses that the wind companies now require the hosts to sign.

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