Michael Nissenbaum – Senate Renewable Energy Inquiry

Michael Nissenbaum MD addresses Senate Inquiry concerns
22 November, 2012

Comments on “annoyance” and what it means

Asked by the Committee to expound upon some matters raised in the Inquiry, Dr. Nissenbaum provides a definition of ‘annoyance’ in the health context, and comments on the health effects of chronic sleep deprivation.

Comments on using a diagnosis of “nocebo” in the absence of thorough clinical investigation by medical practitioners

He notes that some submissions claim ‘the Nocebo effect’ is present amongst those suffering from adverse health effects caused by wind turbines and says:

“… suggesting a diagnosis of ‘nocebo’ without investigating, ‘boots on the ground’, for more plausible, better understood, or more logical causes of a medical condition would normally constitute medical malpractice in most Western-based medical systems, including Australia. Individuals who are not physicians are not limited by this professional mandate or even necessarily this conceptual framework.

Please bear that in mind when deliberating the opinions (which, when not backed up by the evidence would by definition be superficial – and possibly contrived) – of witnesses or experts who opine on medical matters.”

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