Montgomery, B. Wind Turbine Health Study, 9 March 2016

By Bob Montgomery

The Huron County Health Unit will soon launch an investigation into possible health problems associated with living near wind turbines.

Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Clark explains when they get a complaint, whether it’s a biological or an environmental issue, they have the authority to investigate.

The Huron Health Unit has received several complaints from from people living in close proximity to wind turbines and they are in the process of investigating those complaints.

Phase One will involve collecting information through a survey, which gets underway in May.

Dr. Clark says that information will drive the next step, but she wants to do a seasonal analysis on that data, so it’s difficult to say whether they will be ready for the next step at the end of the summer, or into the fall or winter.

Dr. Clark explains Phase One will help to determine when the symptoms are occurring, what are the conditions, and what is the topography surrounding the house. That will determine their next steps, going forward with Phase Two.

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