Mrs Jackie Rovensky Questions Uni. of Sydney V.C. about Prof Simon Chapman

For some eighteen months, Mrs J. Rovensky has been corresponding with Dr Michael Spence, Vice Chancellor and Principal, University of Sydney, about Professor Simon Chapman and community concerns about Chapman’s involvement with the wind industry.

The correspondence may be viewed below.

August 4, 2012 Mrs. Rovensky writes to voice concerns about Prof Chapman’s unprofessional manner and personal crusade to further the installation of industrial wind turbines in Australia.

August 7, 2012 Dr Spence responds defending Prof Chapman

August 16, 2012 Mrs Rovensky takes issue with some of Dr Spence’s reply

February 7, 2014 Mrs Rovensky returns to Prof Chapman’s close involvement with the industrial wind industry and the effect of this association on the University of Sydney’s reputation for quality research and ethical behaviour

February 28, 2014 Dr Spence advises that Prof Chapman has no financial ties with the wind industry nor anyone acting on their behalf and comments on the ethics of Prof Chapman’s research into people who have abandoned their homes due to adverse health effects from living near large industrial machinery

March 4, 2014 Mrs Rovensky again questions whether Prof Chapman had ethics committee approval to seek information directly from people who have had to move from their homes because of the effect of wind turbine noise on their mental and physical health

April 14, 2014 Mrs Rovensky seeks a response to her letter of March 4. She notes that Prof Chapman neglects to mention the NASA/USA Dept of Energy research (Kelley/Hubbard) published between 1980 and 1990 when he claims ‘unpublished case reports were being circulated from around 2002’. The NASA research is included with the letter to Dr Spence. Again Mrs Rovensky points to Prof Chapman’s unethical attitude to independent researchers whose research does not align with his commentary.

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