NHMRC Announce Second Literature Review on Wind Farms & Health

Current Activities – Systematic Literature Review

NHMRC is continuing to investigate the impact of wind farms on human health. Building on the outcomes of the Scientific Forum in June 2011, NHMRC is currently undertaking a systematic review of the existing scientific literature to examine the possible impacts of wind farms on human health, including audible and inaudible noise.

The NHMRC Wind Farms and Human Health Reference Group (the Reference Group) has been convened to oversee the systematic review of the literature. The Reference Group comprises experts in environmental epidemiology, sleep, social psychology, acoustics/sound engineering and a community representative.

The review will consider a wide range of evidence, comprising both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed (‘grey’) literature. To ensure all emerging research has been captured, in September 2012 NHMRC conducted a call for submissions of evidence for consideration in the systematic review.

The outcomes of the review will be considered by the Reference Group and will inform whether the 2010 Public Statement requires revision. The systematic review will also identify critical gaps in the current evidence base and areas for further research. NHMRC will carefully consider the need for further research upon completion of the review.

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