Nicholson, Rikki. Open Letter to the AMA

Rikki Nicholson and his family live at Cape Bridgewater in Victoria. They are all severely affected by Pacific Hydro’s wind project.


I am responding to the ill informed rubbish concerning health effects from wind turbines.

Sarah Laurie is one of the few medically trained Doctors worldwide who are prepared to abide by their Hippocratic Oath “first do no harm”.

I live at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria where 80% of my neighbours have been forced or chosen to leave their homes.

Sarah Laurie is unfairly blamed for scaremongering health problems. How is this possible when in 2008 we officially complained at a time when the Waubra Foundation did not exist?

Why is there not one wind farm operator prepared to publicly state that wind farms do not disrupt sleep and therefore cause a myriad of illnesses as a consequence?

Great people in history are ridiculed before they are proved right.

Where would we be today if Columbus had not believed in himself?

Rikki Nicholson

(A real person, not just a receptor locator)

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